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  • Sound Absorbing Board Perforated Metal Acoustic Panels
  • Sound Absorbing Board Perforated Metal Acoustic Panels
  • Sound Absorbing Board Perforated Metal Acoustic Panels

Sound Absorbing Board Perforated Metal Acoustic Panels

Standard Thickness:12/15/18mm

Distance of two Holes:8/8,16/16,32/32mm,etc.

Diameter of Holes:1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12mm,etc.

Product parameters

Leeyin® Perforated Metal Acoustic Panels  is a resonant sound absorbing material that is directly perforated on the density board. The hole wood sound absorbing panel has strong selectivity to the sound absorption spectrum and has good sound absorption performance for the middle and low frequency. For example, filling the cavity with a proper amount of sound absorbing cotton after the sound absorbing structure can improve the sound absorption effect of the middle and high frequency. The hole diameter and hole spacing of the hole wood sound absorbing panel can be adjusted according to customer requirements.


MDF Perforated Wood Acoustic Panel acoustic perforated panel1.Product NamePerforated Metal Acoustic Panels
2.Basic MaterialE1 MDF,FR MDF ,MgO Combination Board etc.
3.SurfaceMelamine ,Natural Wood Veneer,Paint,etc.
4.Back FinishBlack Acoustic Felt
5.Standard  SizeL600xW600mm,L1200xW600mm(alternate lengths and widths are available)
6.Standard Thickness12/15/18mm
7.Distances of two holes8/8mm,16/16mm,32/32mm
8.Diameter of holes1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,12mm,etc
10.Fire rateBS 476,Part 7,Class 1
11.Eco EmissionE1
12.ApplicationAuditorium,stadium,gymnsasium,Conference room

Product Features

Features of LEEYIN perforated wooden acoustic panels: Perforated acoustic panels are made of high quality sheet, environmentally friendly, fireproof, waterproof, etc. The decorative color palette has a wide selection of materials, which can meet the diverse acoustic and decorative needs of customers. Compared with slot wood sound absorbing panels and perforated sound absorbing panels, it has relatively strong impact resistance. The highest fire performance A2 grade, the highest environmental performance E1 grade.

perforated wood acoustic panel

Scope of application

Leeyin wooden perforated acoustical panels can be applied to theater, studio, recording room, conference center, reception hall, office, hospital, restaurant, music rooms, auditoriums, recording studios, broadcasting studios and shopping center. Any space where good speech privacy or speech intelligibility is needed can be used.  

Sound Dampening Tiles Perforated Acoustic Board

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