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Sound Damping Felt

Size:1200*10000*1.2mm, 1200*10000*2mm, 1200*5000*3mm

Thickness:2mm, 3mm, others can be customized.


Product parameters

Material:Macromolecule materials, metal powder and other accessory ingredients.

Size:1200*10000*1.2mm, 1200*10000*2mm, 1200*5000*3mm

Thickness:2mm, 3mm, others can be customized.


Weight:20kg/roll for 1.2mm, 42kg/roll for 2mm, 30kg/roll for 3mm

Features:Fireproofing, sound insulation, soundproofing

Fireproof:B1 grade

Eco-friendly:E1 grade


Product Features

Sound Damping Felt is a kind of newly sound insulation product, which made from macromolecule material, metal powder and other accessory ingredients.

Material advantages:

* High performance of soundproofing.

* Waterproof function.

* Fire retardant effect.

* Easy to install.

Scope of application

Sound Damping Felt is widely used in building industry, home furnishing, factory work shops, machine rooms, air compressor space pipe, meeting room, multi-functional hall, KTV room, office and car, etc.

1.Sound Damping Felt for industrial application:

Many places like Pump rooms, air-conditioning rooms, factory workshops, air compressor rooms will also have greater noise. 

Long-term exposure to this environment will lead to a decrease in human hearing characteristics, causing headaches, coronary heart disease and other diseases. 

Sound insulation damping felts with professional sound insulation technology can suppress noise interference.

2.Sound Damping Felt for residential application:

Noise on the road, walking upstairs, talking voice, talking voice next door, TV sound will pass through the wall to the room, affecting your work and rest, the combination of damping sound insulation felt and gypsum board can effectively restrain Improve the quality of your work by the impact of the object when it comes into contact with the ground.

3.Sound Damping Felt for entertainments application:

The high-powered bass, the penetrating power of the sound is very strong, resulting in residents living near the entertainment venue can not live quietly. So the complaints will make the entertainment venues unable to operate normally, which is causing huge losses to the merchants.

The traditional sound insulation materials can not solve the noise with such penetrating power.

However, the soundproof damping felt and professional sound insulation technology can make the original noisy room quiet again.

4.Sound Damping Felt for office application:

In the current office building, the partition between the room and the room is a light-weight wall, and the sound insulation effect is not ideal. 

Especially in the current era of information, the confidentiality of trade secrets will be affected, and the damping acoustic felt can be applied to ensure privacy information.

5.Sound Damping Felt for other applications:

Because the sound-absorbing damping felt has good damping, flame retardant and moisture-proof performance, it is also used in the automobile and air-pressure chassis, which is adhered to the steel plate by a damping material of the seat to suppress the vibration of the steel plate, thereby improving the steel plate. The amount of sound insulation.

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