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  • Micro Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panel
  • Micro Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panel
  • Micro Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panel
  • Micro Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panel

Micro Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panel

Finish:Melamine, technical veneer, natural veneer, fireproof leather, etc.

Environmental performance:National Standard E1 class

Product parameters

Substrate:Environmental protection MDF, pine environmental protection board, fire retardant board, glass magnesium board

Flame retardant performance:National standard A2/B1 class

Common Specification:600x600mm, 600x1200mm, 1200x1200mm, 1200x2400mm, 2400x2400mm

Product Features

LEEYIN micro-hole sound absorbing panel is a slit resonance sound absorbing material that is directly perforated on the density board. Wood micro perforated acoustic panels are highly selective for sound absorption spectrum, which have good sound absorption performance for medium and low frequencies.If the sound absorbing structure back cavity is filled with a proper amount of sound absorbing cotton, the high frequency sound absorption effect can be improved, often used for wall or ceiling decoration.

LEEYIN micro perforated sound absorbing panels are made of high quality panels, environmentally friendly, fireproof, waterproof, etc. Wide choice of finish colors and materials, can meet the diverse acoustic and decorative needs of our customers. The highest fireproof performance of wooden micro perforated acoustic panels is A2 level, and highest environmental performance is E1 level. Standardized module design, adopts slot and keel 

structure, easy installation.

Scope of application

Applicable places: Opera, theater, recording studio, studio, audition room, TV station, radio station, business office, multi-purpose hall, conference room, studio, concert hall, auditorium, stadium wall.

Micro Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panel

 Micro Perforated Wooden Acoustic Panel


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