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How to Maintain Movable Partition?

Nov. 02, 2018

Maintenance of movable partition track

1.The movable wall partition track is divided into high quality aluminum alloy track and steel track. During maintenance, first push the sliding door to the cubicle or remove the door at the track access, check if the track is worn, deformed or falling, and if it has seriously affect the use of the door. If there are serious problems, stop using it immediately, and timely notify manufacturers for professional inspection and proofreading.

2.Avoid heavy objects directly hitting the partition rail (or door), avoid the impact of the weapon and leave a scratch on the track, which will affect the appearance.

3.Use a soft cloth to clean the oil in the track, then wipe off the residue with pine perfume.

4. After the above steps are completed, white oil can be added. The addition of lubricating oil is generally done by adding the appropriate amount of lubricating oil at every 600mm interval on the track.

How to Maintain Movable Partition?

Partition door maintenance:

1.After pushing the door to a fixed position in sequence, check whether the sliding door has fallen or the gap between door and door is uneven. If this is the case, using open end wrench (generally use 14,17,19 wrenches) to adjust the height of the sliding door up and down, check whether the gap between door and door is vertical. Move the door to level and align with the gap between the doors.

2.Check whether the hanging wheel is loosed, if so, please tight the wheel.

3.Check whether the hanging wheel is worn badly or has affected the normal sliding of the sliding door. If yes, please inform the manufacturer to replace.

4.Check whether the rubber strip around the sliding door has aged or broken. If there is any effect on sound insulation, please inform the manufacturer to replace it or replace it by yourself.

5.Check whether the operation of the operating handle on the inside and the outside of the sliding door is flexible and normal. If the up and down support does not come out or can not turn, please inform the manufacturer to send professional personnel to repair and avoid repair by yourself.

6. Do not place flammable items near doors to avoid fire disaster.

7. Correctly use the movable partitions, don't shake or push too hard, avoid damage to parts, please operate by following the instructions.

8.Cleaning agent can be used when cleaning the sliding door frame. Use different cleaners for different stains. Avoid using strong acid cleaners to avoid damage to the frame surface.

9.To enhance the service life of the partition, please arrange specified people to use and perform, effective maintenance on a regular basis.

10. If you cannot handle it yourself during the maintenance process, please contact the manufacturer in time.

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