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What Kind of Partition is Best for Office Space?

Nov. 02, 2018

The office partition separates an office space into a separate office space. For example, dividing the general manager room, financial room, conference room, reception room and so on. How to divide an office space?

1.Plasterboard partition

The gypsum board partition wall is made of light steel keel, two sides sealed by gypsum board. If you want good sound insulation effect, soundproof foam can be added, and you can also install windows. Both sides need to be brushed and painted.

Advantage: The wall partition is fast and good sound insulation. Lower cost.

Shortcomings: Can not transmit light, because it is sealed by plasterboard, and it is easy to damage when bumped. Low moisture resistance.

General usage: Generally used in some more transparent office space, large office space, office room decoration with low budget.

2. Light brick partition

Light brick partition wall is built with cement foam brick and cement, both sides slapped with cement and painted, and you can add windows. The common light bricks are 7cm, 9cm, and 10cm. This partition is more common in office decorations.

Advantage: Good sound insulation, relatively strong. Strong moisture resistance, moderate cost.

Shortcomings: Can not transmit light and it takes for a long time.

General usage: Mostly used in large area partition projects, or a relatively damp office. Industrial plants.

3. Red brick partition

Red brick partition wall is generally used in industrial plants, to install machinery and equipment on the wall, the wall is quite strong. Generally not used in office space.

What Kind of Partition is Best for Office Space?cid=4

4. Glass partitions

Glass partitions are partitioned with clear or frosted glass. The general approach is to wrap frame on the upper and lower part, install the glass on the frame, which is beautiful and clean. Glass is divided into tempering and not tempering, frosted and not frosted.  General wall thickness is 12mm.

Advantage: Good light transmission effect and solid.

Shortcomings: High cost

General usage: Used in small office space, and the office space where the lighting is not so good.

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