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How to Install Wood Wool Acoustic Panels?

Nov. 02, 2018

The so-called wood wool acoustic panels refers to the sound-absorbing panels made by using poplar fiber materials, and produced through the continuous operation process. It has a unique silky texture, which gives us an original and rough feeling, and in line with the modern concept of the pursuit of natural wind. So how to install wood wool acoustic panels? We will introduce it to you in the following article.

Wood wool acoustic panels are made of poplar fiber material, it has many physical properties that are not found in synthetic building materials, which is elastic and impact, so it is extensively applied.

How to Install Wood Wool Acoustic Panels?

Wood wool acoustic wall panels installation methods:

1.Base surface treatment, keep the construction surface dry and clean. In particular, remember not to carry out construction on the wet base surface.  Because the wet or dirty surface in the closed case is easy to produce some unhealthy bacteria, which will cause the wall moldy and other situations.

2.Usually in the case of wooden keel, we should thwack ordinary stainless steel nails in bevel angle from the side at 20mm thickness of wood wool sound-absorbing board, while the wood keel generally uses gun nail shot.  It should be noted that the wood keel must rinse fire retardant coating to ensure its comprehensive fireproof effect.

3.Light steel keel may not allow the use of wooden keel in higher place or under the higher level fireproof requirement. In this case, we generally can use self-tapping screws to fix short wooden shims on the light steel keel, and then fix the wood wool cement board on the veneer.

4.If install directly on the light steel keel, you can use self-tapping screws to fix. And if there is no keel on the wall, you can use glass glue or other strong glue directly bond the wood wool sound-absorbing panels. In a conditional situation, you can also fix at the corner with a nail gun, wood substrate can use white glues and shoot gun nail.

Wood wool acoustic panels ceiling installation method:

Ordinary exposed or recessed keels install wood wool sound-absorbing panels should choose 600*600mm or 600*1200mm keel, depending on the specific weight of wood wool sound-absorbing panels. Ceiling keel installation is similar to wall keel installation. You must wear helmet, fasten your seatbelt and install keel in cooperation with many people. After the keel is set, we often use self-tapping screws to fix the wood wool sound-absorbing panels on the keel.

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