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  • Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser
  • Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser
  • Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser
  • Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser
  • Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser

Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser

Model: KS001

Finish: Veneer, paint

Common Specification: 600*600*225mm

Environmental performance: National standard E level

Flame retardant performance: B1 level

Product parameters

Base material: Environmentally friendly high density board, Solid oak, fir, paulownia, GRG

Main features: Pyramid diffuser is designed strictly according to the airborne characteristics. It produces uniform diffuse reflection under omnidirectional and multi-angle incident sound conditions, making the human voice more supple, the high frequency more full, and the small space have the effect of the hall.

Diffusion frequency range: Full frequency

Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser

Product Features

Compared with flat reflectors, Leeyin pyramid diffusers can effectively avoid trembling echo. When the sound wave passes through the plane reflector, all sound energy will be reflected in the same direction, its reflection direction is fixed, the direction of reflection depends on the location of the sound source. And when the sound wave is reflected by the surface of the pyramid diffuser, sound energy will be scattered and reflected in different directions, and have different phase differences.

These irregular vibrations of uniform energy can subjectively create a sense of space for the human ears. At the same time, it will increase the brightness of the sound when it is diffused in the middle and high frequencies. Its reflection direction is roughly a semicircle, and the sound energy will be averagely diffused. Another effect of pyramid diffuser is when the reflective surface is a pyramid diffuser, because sound waves diffuse in a semicircular direction, there are countless reflection paths of different frequency bands converge at the listening position, and so forth, there are countless convergence points of the same nature, this will invisibly expand the listening area. 

Pyramid diffusers can be used not only to dissipate sound energy, play the role of preventing echo and standing waves. At the same time, it can improve the brightness of the sound. Appropriate addition of QRS diffuser on the early reflection path reflects high frequency near 2K can increase brightness, and can significantly improve the sound quality if cooperate with sound absorbing materials.

Scope of application

Acoustic diffusers are mainly used in the hall mouth and both sides of the front side light, the role is to sound waves incident to the side of the wall reflect and spread into the hall, to avoid acoustic defects caused by sound coloring, sound focus and standing wave, making the sound more exquisite and accurate. Widely used in multi-purpose hall, auditorium and Theaters, concert halls, vocal rooms, recording studios, audio-visual rooms and other places with high sound quality requirements.

Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser

Pyramid Acoustic Diffuser

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