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  • BAD Sound Absorber
  • BAD Sound Absorber

BAD Sound Absorber

Model No.: LBAD-50/100 

Formaldehyde Emission: E1 

Flame Retardant: B1 

Edge: Square,bevel 

Standard Size: 600*600mm,600*1200mm,1200*1200mm 

Thickness: 50mm,100mm

Product parameters

The BAD sound absorber highly absorbs low frequency and intermediate frequency sound waves, highly reflects high frequency sound waves, and selectively absorbs sound energy. It can be used as a place with special requirements for spectral absorption. It is a very individual sound absorption material.

Incombustible, beautiful, no dust pollution, strong decoration, simple construction, etc. In addition to the surface can be decorated with coarse linen, noble velvet, can be customized according to customer requirements spray painting, to replace with an aesthetic angle Traditional sound-absorbing materials. BAD is convenient for installation and construction. With its low-profile appearance and extremely individual sound absorption performance, it is widely used in halls with specific needs.

Product Features

BAD Sound Absorber

Scope of application

Widely used in a variety of high-end theaters, concert halls, cinema and television halls, etc.

BAD Sound Absorber

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