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Why do you need sound insulation in your warehouse?

Mar. 25, 2021

The warehouse is noisy. They all have hard surfaces and sharp angles, and the engines are loud. But all this noise can be controlled. The benefits of controlling noise in a large workspace are numerous. From improving relationships with your neighbors to protecting your employees, controlling the acoustic composition of your equipment is a wise choice.

Soundproofing warehouse – Protecting Your Team

When thinking about workplace safety, most people don't think about the sound environment in the workplace. But sound plays a big role in workplace safety. Warehouse noise reduction helps team members better communicate on the floor when moving heavy items, thereby preventing potential workplace accidents or preventing their worsening.

The soundproof warehouse also provides long-term hearing protection for your workers.Even with personal hearing protection such as earplugs, prolonged exposure to noise can cause irreparable damage to hearing. The Occupational Safety and Health Regulations list permanent tinnitus and total loss of hearing as one of the dangers of persistent noise.Between the conveyor belts, the forklifts, and all the hard, sonic reflecting surfaces that amplify and reflect noise during long shifts every day, your team's hearing will be impaired over time.Taking steps today can improve your employees' professional and personal lives now and in the future.

How to improve the sound quality of the warehouse?

You need to use industrial soundproof panels, which are usually denser and are made of a different material than sound absorbing tools. These materials can be laid on floors, ceilings or walls, but they are often most effective when they are fully integrated into the framework of a building.

To soundproof your office area, installing soundproof ceilings and insulating walls with high density materials can prevent sound loss. It is also important to check the sealing of doors and Windows. If air can pass through, so can sound. Talk to Liyin's  knowledgeable counselor about the steps you can take. They may be easier than you think.

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