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Stadium acoustics and noise treatment

Mar. 10, 2021

Control the court - noise control in the stadium

The stadium is basically a giant echo chamber. Not only will you see a group of teenagers singing the same song over and over again, but there will be very real echoes in this space. Gym noise generation, transmission and impact, also known as gym acoustics, may have more negative effects than many people may realize. From the shrill whistle of a coach to the screams of a crowd cheering for the home team, stadium sound noise not only makes it difficult to communicate and concentrate, it can also cause noise-related hearing loss. Treating the stadium with sound-absorbing materials is a huge benefit for all involved.

Another benefit of treating the gym is that it will help reduce noise in other parts of the building, which is often overlooked. The walls of the hallways are no more forgiving than the walls of the gym, so it's best to keep the sound inside the gym as much as possible. At most schools, the gym is in use all day, which means the classroom at the end of the hall can be interrupted for the third period of gym and fitness class. That's not going to help a kid who's struggling in algebra. Keeping noises from the gym to a minimum will create an uninterrupted learning environment, making it easier for everyone to concentrate.

How can I stop the echo from my gym?

Because of the structure of the stadium, we proposed that the sound processing of the stadium be concentrated on the walls and ceiling. Flooring has a very special purpose and adding a soft surface does more harm than good. If you put a carpet on the court, your basketball team won't get too excited.Hard flooring is just a spatial necessity. Therefore, adding sound-absorbing materials to the walls and ceilings is undoubtedly the best way to solve the noise inside and outside the stadium. There are a variety of acoustic treatments that can help you improve the acoustics of your gym, so let's get started.

What can I put on the wall to reduce the noise?

The walls of the gym produce endless echoes. Gymnasiums, which are usually built of brick, are less forgiving when it comes to sound waves. Gymnasiums are usually large because the seats can reach several stories high. As popular and common places to hang ornaments, they needed to be able to withstand a bit of abuse. These factors make it particularly important to choose the right sound-absorbing system. Fortunately, there are some products that are perfectly suited for this kind of application.

A good option for dealing with ceiling noise is the Liyin's Acoustic Panel. When they work great when used as a baffle to hang from your gym ceiling.Hanging them from the ceiling is a good idea because they break up the empty space. They also help absorb most of the sound that bounces off the wall to the ceiling and down. They come in a lot of great colors, one of which is sure to complement your school colors! Liyin's Acoustic Panel can also make attractive hanging acoustic baffles, make your school gym look more designed and unique.

Stadium acoustics and noise treatment

Stadium acoustics and noise treatment

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