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Where Can You Use Soundproof Room Dividers?

Oct. 26, 2020

Where Can You Use Soundproof Room Dividers?

Apartments: Do you live in a studio or open-concept apartment? Acoustic partitions offer an easy, flexible solution to divide rooms and add privacy to your space. You can separate the kitchen from the dining room, for example, or add a private dressing area in the bedroom. In either case, you can have fun trying different layouts and enjoying new spaces without having to build walls or move to a new pad.

Band practice rooms & Studios: If you’re ready to write that song that’s been forming in your head all day, you probably would appreciate a quiet place to focus and let your creative juices flow. You might add acoustic partitions to your band practice room to help reduce distracting outside noises. Create a quieter space by surrounding yourself with partitions, and you’ll help keep outside noises like echos, vibrations and voices from detracting from your art. You’ll also enjoy the privacy as you put your talent to work.

Cafeterias: Cafeterias are where students or employees gather to eat, and as you can imagine, they get pretty noisy. Most cafeterias feature large open designs with hard surfaces that reflect sound. A cafeteria can be a more enjoyable space for those inside and outside with soundproofing materials like acoustic partitions. You might choose custom-made partitions to close off a cafeteria from other areas completely, or regular partitions to help reduce noise and add privacy to the dining space.

Classrooms: Background noise is distracting for students, and it doesn’t have to be that loud to make an impact. For example, a study published in the Journal of Urban Health found a difference of only 10 decibels in background noise led to lower test scores on average. Even hearing the TV playing in the next classroom can make it hard to concentrate. Teachers can create separate rooms within the classroom using acoustic partitions to help students focus during tests or while studying. They might also use large partitions to create separate areas for different activities to help students avoid distractions.

Conference rooms: You should be able to hold meetings without having to shout and share private details with the entire workplace. You can use acoustic partitions to create a private and quiet conference room to discuss sensitive information and keep employees on track. Acoustic partitions especially come in handy if you need a conference room fast.

Libraries: Libraries should be a quiet place to read, reflect and relax. However, that’s not always the case. From the sound of papers rustling to whispering in the aisles, distracting noises abound in the typical library. You can create a much more pleasant library experience for students, families and your community at large with acoustic partitions. Create quiet reading areas and study zones with soundproofing partitions and help patrons get lost in a good book.

Restaurants: Many people go to restaurants to enjoy a meal and conversation with a friend or spouse. If they can’t hear the other person talk, they can’t enjoy their experience fully. Restaurants are naturally noisy places, but customers expect and desire quiet dining nonetheless. According to a Consumer Reports survey, noise was the biggest annoyance for restaurant customers. To resolve restaurant noise issues, consider positioning acoustic partitions around noisy areas or using them to create intimate dining sections. For example, you might separate busy point-of-sale stations from the dining room with acoustic partitions.

Gymnasiums: From cheering to bouncing balls, gymnasiums are bursting with noise. Most gymnasiums are large open spaces with hard floors and high ceilings. This creates the perfect condition for echoes and poor acoustics. The right-sized acoustic partitions can help coaches create quiet teaching environments, reduce distracting noises and improve communication so everyone can make the most of fun gymnasium activities.

Where Can You Use Soundproof Room Dividers?cid=4

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