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Leeyin Acoustic Design Project of Performance Hall

Aug. 29, 2020

1. Project Overview

The performance hall  is located in Guangzhou, China. It aims to educate the next generation of internationally conscious students and make them become world leaders, developers, creators and shapers. It has a broad sentiment, a global vision of running a school, and an international School philosophy. The multi-functional performance auditorium is the core function of the flagship campus, mainly for conference reports, drama performances, and theatrical performances. It will become the center of the school and the entire community. It is the fulcrum of the school's cultural construction and a place to show students' learning and achievements.

The performance hall is rectangular, with a length of about 33.5 meters and a width of 38 meters from the entrance to the last row. The lowest point of the audience area is about 15 meters from the roof. There are 1,345 seats in the audience area with a volume of about 15,750 m³.

2. Design Objective

According to the commission of the owner, the performance auditorium should meet the daily activities and ensure high-quality acoustic effects, that is, it can meet the different daily activities.

3. Acoustic design index

1) The acoustic design specifications require that the sound quality of the performance hall is mainly to meet the requirements of "meeting reports, drama performances, theatrical performances, and programs, followed by good sound quality and fullness". Under the main conditions of use, it has reverberation corresponding to the requirements. Time-frequency characteristics, suppression of acoustic defects that affect indoor sound quality, such as echo, flutter echo, low-frequency hum, etc., according to the above requirements; combined with the current status of the performance hall, NICAM Acoustics believes that the design indicators of the performance hall are: Choose an appropriate reverberation time for the room volume, and the frequency characteristics of the reverberation time must be flat.

2) Acoustic technical indicators:


Reverberation time (seconds)

Noise evaluation curve (NR)

Sound insulation of soundproof door (db)

Performing Arts Lecture Hall




4. Overview of Acoustic Solutions

1. The coverage angle of the original Fore Stage Side Lighting is obscured, and acoustic adjustments are required to the Fore Stage Side Lighting: add left and right sound rooms, and make sound absorption treatment inside, so that excess noise is not transmitted to the audience area, and the decoration can be more beautiful. (Whether the moving stairs will conflict with other spaces must be verified by the builder before construction).

Design adjustments of the ceiling:

2. The ceiling design is coordinated with the original wall shape, and solves the problems of acoustic focusing and tremor echo, long construction period, and difficulty in closing. It is recommended that the ceiling be changed to a gypsum board shape acoustic ceiling (fire rating A). Building interior decoration design fire protection code, multi-functional lecture hall hall area> 400m² ceiling decoration materials combustion performance must reach A level.

3. Partial adjustment of wall design: In order to solve the problem of sound focusing, trembling echo, sound ambiguity and not destroying the original decorative effect, it is recommended to use perforated plates and Used in combination with micro-perforated plates.

4. Rear wall design of the audience area: The rear wall design is designed with an adjustable reverberation adjustment system, which can be switched by one button, which can realize the automatic conversion of large-area acoustic materials, so that the space can be adjusted according to unused functional modes, so as to satisfy To meet the needs of different functional modes, Nicam Acoustics adopts a reverberation adjustment system, which realizes the automatic transformation of large-area acoustic materials through one-key switching, so as to adjust the reverberation time to meet the purpose of different uses. According to the area of different variable reverberation modules, the maximum adjustable reverberation time range is up to 0.4 seconds. The reverberation control system can also integrate lighting and sound systems to achieve intelligent integrated control.

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