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What’s That Noise? Stadiums

Aug. 17, 2020

In this ongoing news series, the acoustic experts of Leeyin Acoustics will detail common noise concerns of different environments and offer solutions to resolve any issues. This month’s edition of What' s That Noise? focuses on Stadium acoustic panel—wide-open spaces that are highly conducive to generating echoes and reverberation.

When entering the stadium, the first thing people notice almost immediately is noise. At any given time, there will be dozens of harmful sounds fluctuating  throughout these entertainment facilities. Squeaky sneakers, vigorous sounds and footsteps, and harsh music are only some of the sounds you often encounter.What’s That Noise? Stadiums

Stadiums are not limited to sports and sports events; these multi-purpose spaces are often used as venues for banquets, concerts, performances and business meetings. Regardless of its specific purpose, all stadiums are constructed similarly. They are always composed of wood, painted concrete or cinder blocks, and metal roof decks, all of which are highly reflective surfaces.

When you combine large gyms, reflective surfaces, and non-absorbent surfaces (such as carpets, furniture, curtains, or ceilings), it can cause excessive echo and reverberation. In the case of almost no absorption indoors, the sound will continue to bounce back until it runs out of energy.

This noise problem is especially troublesome when the gymnasium is used for meetings or teaching activities;speech intelligibility in the room suffers greatly since people hear sounds that have been reflected several times. Since it is difficult for people to distinguish one sound from another, this delayed response can cause a lot of confusion.

How Can I Resolve the Problem?

In order to promote proper noise cancellation, many stadiums are treated with suspended baffles or absorbent walls or ceilings. The baffle is ideal for this application, but it is important to observe and pay attention to the fire sprinklers. It is a huge safety hazard to install a baffle in a position that hinders the coverage of sprinklers.

Leeyin Acoustics has led the Acoustic industry for over 14 years. People frequently rely on our sound expertise to solve noise problems in various settings.

In gymnasiums, our Leeyin Acoustical Panels are a great resource for noise abatement for walls or ceilings. These panels are cost effective, Lightweight and easy to install. In addition to excellent absorption performance, these panels also have a Class A fire rating, which can provide higher safety. It is also important to know that these panels are usually in stock, and since no manufacturing/manufacturing is required, we can usually ship them within a few days.

Learn more about noise abatement by contacting Leeyin Acoustics, today.

What’s That Noise? Stadiums

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