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  • Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition Door
  • Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition Door

Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition Door

Finish:Melamine, Veneer, Fabric, Painting, etc



Each panel load-bearing weight:225kgs/450kgs/675kgs

Product parameters

Core Material:MDF+Sound Absorption Wool

Suitabble height space:From 2m-17m 

Junction:"T"junction, "L" juntion, cross/ "X" juntion

Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition Door

Product Features

Movable partitions are a series of individually operated panels along a track system designed for maximum space planning flexibility. They can be arranged quickly, easily and efficiently. The movable wall system is tongue-and-groove unitized panel system. Panels are precision laminated, pre-finished with vinyl, fabric or other specified finish. All vertical and horizontal structural members consist of extruded aluminum components, with a snap-on base made of extruded vinyl. Panels lift into floor and ceiling tracks to form a rigid, uniform wall system that provides excellent sound transmission resistance with a STC rating of 35 to 58dB.

1.Characters and functions:

(1) hang track on the ceiling, not the floor;

(2) heat insulation and fireproof

(3) stable and safe

(4) energy-efficiency

(5) elegant appearance

(6) collection convenient

(7) widely used in different place

Scope of application

Widely used in hotels, restaurants, private rooms, training rooms, teaching rooms, conference rooms, office buildings and other places.

Acoustic Sliding Folding Partition Door

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