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  • Black MDF wooden gooved acoustic panel
  • Black MDF wooden gooved acoustic panel
  • Black MDF wooden gooved acoustic panel
  • Black MDF wooden gooved acoustic panel
  • Black MDF wooden gooved acoustic panel

Black MDF wooden gooved acoustic panel

Model:5-3/6-2/12-4/13-3/28-4/Support Customized

Substrate: High density flame retardant

Fireproof/Moisture-proof and mildew-proof/Environment-friendly

Product parameters


Base Material, Finish & Back Finish

Basic Material

Black MDF

Front Finish

Melamine, Natural Wood Veneer, Paint, etc.

Back Finish

Black Acoustic Felt

Standard Size

2440*133mm, 2440*197mm

Standard Thickness



13-3, 14-2, 28-4, 59-5,6-2,5-3,4-3;

Acoustic Principle

Resonance Absorption



Fire Resistance

France F1



Formaldehyde Emission

Can meet both China&EU Standard Class E1

Flame Retardant

Can meet China Standard Class B,BS476 Part 7
Class 1,etc.


Lightweight steel keel system; Wooden battern systern

Product Features

Black MDF wooden gooved acoustic panel

1.Scientific industry: Made according to acoustic theory, excellent at reducing noises, especially effective for absorbing high and middle frequency noises.

2.Artistic products: Natural wood, which may be carved according to your taste.

3.Environment-friendly: All the materials conform to the country's environmental protection standards, little wood alcohol is contained. Its natural wood is fragrant.

4.Fireproof: Fireproof degree B1- the highest for wood. It has already been tested by authoritative organization.

5.Moisture-proof and mildew-proof: It is made of high density moisture-proof and mildew-proof material.

6.Theory: Grooved on front and perforated on back of the panel with concealed system (for installation). It is usually used on the wall to absorb sound and reduce noise.

7.Easy to install: Dragon bone construction is applied.

8.Industrial production: No more an extensive production, automatically controlled by computers, standardized and large scale production, improved is production capability and ensured is products quality.

Scope of application

Black MDF grooved acoustic panels for walls and ceilings, with an excellent acoustic absorption for public and private spaces, auditoriums, theaters, hotels, offices.

Black MDF wooden gooved acoustic panel

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