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  • Hexagon acoustic panel polyester acoustic panels
  • Hexagon acoustic panel polyester acoustic panels
  • Hexagon acoustic panel polyester acoustic panels

Hexagon acoustic panel polyester acoustic panels

Core Material:100% polyester fiber (PET)

Weight: 0.35KG/piece(total 57pcs/set)

Standard Size:Hexagon

Thickness: 9mm or customized 

Product parameters

Polyester fiber material has various densities and good air permeability, and is an ideal product in sound absorbing and heat insulating materials. The highest sound absorption coefficient is above 0.8 in the noise range of 125~4000HZ. Used as indoor sound absorbing material,  it can effectively shorten the reverberation time, absorb excess reverberation sound, improve hearing adjustment, and improve language clarity. Therefore, polyester fiber acoustic panels are widely used in the field of architectural decoration.





Hexagon acoustic panel polyester acoustic panels






Product Name

Polyester Felt Fabric Acoustic Panel

Heat Performance

Good Heat Insulation


Use glue or nails to fix it              


9mm, 12mm,or customized


Sound Absorption and Decoration

1.Good sound-absorbing performance;
2.Good fireproof performance, in line with national standard GB8624B1 level requirements;
3.Environmental protection
4.Easy dust removal and easy to maintain.

Product Features

Customized 3D Indoor Decoration sound isolation hexagon acoustic panel pet acoustic panel

Scope of application

1.Interior walls and TV Backdrop;

2.Meeting hall , theater , music hall , gym;
3.manufacturing shop, office, pub, hotel;

4.Library,reading room , classroom, kindergarten, piano room.

3D Polyester Fiber PET Acoustic Panel

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