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What Are Acoustic Hanging Baffles? What Are the Benefits of Hanging Baffles?

Jun. 29, 2020

Have you ever looked up at the ceiling in a gym and noticed acoustic panels hanging there? Can you remember the last time you visited a movie theater and saw elegant fabric-covered panels lining the walls? All of this has to do with acoustical science and improving the sound quality in a room. Acoustic baffles are especially important in large spaces where there’s plenty of room for sound waves to bounce around. Hanging acoustic panels from the ceiling also solves noise issues where there’s limited wall space. If you need acoustic ceiling baffles to reduce distracting noise and improve overall sound quality, whether it be for a large industrial space or a home entertainment room, we’ll help you get started. At Leeyin Acoustics, we have sound baffles for walls and ceilings in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

What Are Acoustic Hanging Baffles?

Simply said, acoustic hanging baffles are noise-absorbing panels meant to be suspended from the ceiling or hung on the wall. Hanging baffles might contain a fiberglass, foam or cotton core. The baffle may be wrapped in acoustic fabric or composed entirely of foam. Our larger baffles contain an aluminum frame to add structural strength.

With many of our acoustic hanging baffles, you’ll have hundreds of acoustic fabric options to choose from. You might even supply a custom print so that you can create an acoustic panel that doubles as a work of art. All of Leeyin Acoustic’s hanging baffles have outstanding noise absorption capabilities, are lightweight and can be easily installed with chains and S-hooks. 


What Are the Benefits of Acoustic Hanging Baffles?

In a spacious room where sound and communication are udderly crucial, hanging baffles are a must-have. Without panels to absorb sound, watching an orchestra play could be unpleasant, especially if someone makes a mistake. Likewise, imagine watching a movie in a theater without soft materials to absorb some of the sound effects — overwhelming!

Overall, acoustic hanging baffles improve the sound quality and speech intelligibility in a room. If you use them to reduce noise, you’ll also enjoy:

Increased safety: How in the world do acoustic hanging baffles increase safety? If you’re working in an industrial environment and can’t make out what your coworker is saying due to noise, you could miss some important safety information. But that’s just one example. Noise itself can be dangerous. According to the journal Environmental Health Perspectives, about 30 million American workers are exposed to hazardous noise levels on the job in industries such as manufacturing. Hanging baffles help reduce harmful noise and improve communication — a plus in any work environment when it comes to safety.

Boosted productivity: Workers and students may have a hard time concentrating in a loud, distracting environment. Noise generated within the classroom, for example, has been shown to reduce memory, motivation and reading ability for school children. Baffles absorb distracting background noise, reverberation and echos so that workers can understand what customers say on the phone and students can focus on their assignments.

Reduced stress: Who wants to listen to incoherent noise while at work, school or the gym? Noise pollution, which can be found anywhere there’s disruptive noise — including the workplace or at home — can trigger your body’s stress response. Fortunately, acoustic hanging baffles can make any place more comfortable and stress-free.

Improved speech: The point of listening to a speaker in a large auditorium is to understand what they’re saying. Without acoustic baffles in place, you might just hear echoes and a lot of complaining. Acoustic Hanging baffles ensure that you get the message clearly without having to strain your ears.

Added aesthetic quality: Hanging baffles, like many of the ones we offer at Soundproof Cow, are available in a wide variety of colors. You can customize the fabric too, and add artwork, logos or any designs you wish. This way, a sound baffle can also increase brand awareness or simply add pops of color to a room. If you’d rather have sound-absorbing materials that blend into your decor, you can also choose baffles in barely noticeable neutral tones. We can help you find a solution to match any decor.

Better music: As mentioned above, some reverberation enhances a musical performance, but too much can lead to frustration. Acoustic Hanging baffles help create the perfect balance between reflection and absorption for an enjoyable musical experience.

Easy installation: Acoustic Hanging baffles are an easy soundproofing solution — no special construction skills required. They’re lightweight panels that hang from the ceiling by chains and hooks. Wall-mounted baffles can attach to the wall as easily as hanging a picture. Did we mention that this quality makes them portable too?

Cost-effectiveness: Because Acoustic hanging baffles feature a simple design and aren’t labor intensive, they’re a cost-effective way to eliminate echoes and unwanted noise. If you’re on a budget and want a fast solution to noise, consider hanging baffles.

Versatility: Acoustic Hanging baffles are highly versatile, easy to move and perfect for rooms with limited wall space. They take advantage of unused ceiling space and can be used to improve the sound in oddly shaped rooms without having to modify walls.

Safety and durability: All of our Acoustic hanging baffles are made from high-quality, heavy-duty materials for long-lasting results. They’re also made with Class-A-rated materials that allow them to pass most fire code requirements.

The common installation methods of Acoustic hanging baffles are horizontal lifting and vertical lifting. The installation requires regular arrangement, perpendicular to the horizontal plane, and the overall appearance is beautiful. At the same time, it prevents sharp instruments from puncturing, affecting sound absorption and aesthetic effects.

Scope of application: control of reverberation time in large spaces such as Gymnasiums and Multi-function halls.

What Are Acoustic Hanging Baffles? What Are the Benefits of Hanging Baffles?cid=4

                                                                                                           (Application of Gymnasiums)

What Are Acoustic Hanging Baffles? What Are the Benefits of Hanging Baffles?cid=4

                                                                                                             (Application of Gymnasiums)

What Are Acoustic Hanging Baffles? What Are the Benefits of Hanging Baffles?cid=4

                                                                                                          (Application of Indoor Court)

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