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Leeyin Acoustic design project of Lecture Hall

May. 06, 2020

Leeyin Acoustic design project of Lecture Hall

Ⅰ.  Analysis of the acoustic characteristics of the lecture hall

The acoustic design characteristics of the lecture hall are determined by the scale, scope and requirements of the meeting itself. There are the following characteristics:

1. The difference in the size (volume and capacity) of the lecture hall is greater than in all halls. As small as a dozen people; large can accommodate 10,000 listeners. Therefore, the corresponding reverberation time is also very different, and the reverberation time value must be determined according to the volume, which can usually be in the range of 0.5-1.8s;

2. The levels, uses, and standards of the lecture hall vary greatly. Due to the differences in levels, uses, and standards, the acoustic treatment obviously differs greatly.

3. Because the lecture halls adopt strong acoustic absorption and short reverberation, the body shape has little effect on acoustics, and the choice is relatively free.

4. The lecture hall can adopt sound reinforcement system or natural sound according to capacity and use, which will also be treated differently in architectural design and acoustic treatment.

Due to the characteristics above the lecture hall, the acoustic design is correspondingly different from other halls.

Leeyin Acoustic design project of Lecture Hall

Ⅱ. Analysis of acoustic project

The lecture hall is used for meetings and must meet language clarity requirements to ensure that the audience can clearly and accurately understand the content of the speech. When the simultaneous recording is required during the conference, the indoor reverberation time should not be too long to ensure the recording effect. When used in literary and artistic performances, it requires sufficient music fullness in the indoor sound field, and the reverberation time can be slightly longer.

According to the "Code for Design of Architectural Acoustics in the Multipurpose Hall of the Auditorium and Cinema", the requirements for the reverberation time of the auditorium in the opera and dance theatre and multipurpose hall are integrated. (500-1000Hz) is appropriate. Acoustics requires that acoustic defects such as acoustic focusing, tremor echo, and uneven sound field are avoided in the hall. The indoor background noise meets the requirements of NR-30.

Leeyin Acoustic design project of Lecture Hall

Ⅲ. The Standards and specifications related to the acoustic design of Stadium

1."Code of architectural design for theatre" (JGJ57-2000, J67-2001);

2."Acoustical design specification for theatres, cinemas and multipurpose auditoriums" (GB / T 50356-2005);

3."Code for sound insulation design of civil buildings" (GBJ118-1988);

4."Design specification of hall sound amplification system" (GB50371-2006);

5."Code for sound insulation design of civil buildings" (GB50118-2010);

6."Evaluation Standard of Building Sound Insulation" (GB / T50121-2005);

7."Environmental quality standard for acoustic" (GB3096-2008);

8."Code for quality acceptance of architectural decoration projects" (GB50210-2001);

9."Code for quality acceptance of architectural decoration projects" (GB50222-95);

10."Classification Method of Combustion Performance of Building Materials" (GB8624-97);

Leeyin Acoustic design project of Lecture Hall

Ⅳ. Acoustic Solution

1. Make full use of direct sound. According to the original architectural plan, the ground is flat, so you should consider when designing the position of the speakers.

Considering the direct sound coverage of the main speaker, the direct sound of the speaker can be heard at all positions in the seating area.

2.The modeling ceiling eliminates acoustic defects. The suspended ceiling adopts AGG seamless sound-absorbing curved folded plate ceiling, which can eliminate the possible vibration and echo phenomenon.

3.The sound field is uniform.Both sides of the wall adopts AGG arc-shaped folding plate diffusion sound absorption body, which can effectively spread the sound and absorb the sound to a certain extent, so as to make the sound field uniform.The diffusion sound absorber adopts AGG seamless sound absorbing sand collecting board.

4. Reasonably control the reverberation time. The sound absorption part of the rear wall is 50mm thick glass fiber reinforced sound absorption soft package, the rear cavity is 200mm, and the bulk weight is 200kg / m². 

The position of the rostrum is an arc-shaped projection screen, which will produce a focusing phenomenon in the seating area. Through the sound reinforcement design, the speaker position and model are designed in detail to effectively improve the sound focusing phenomenon.

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